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Assistance - Office of the University Ombudsman

The University Ombudsman provides independent, impartial and confidential advice to members of the University community seeking assistance in the pursuit of resolving University-related concerns. This includes providing advice and support to a complainant, a respondent, or a witness regarding an incident that may fall under the Interim Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Policy.

When the Ombudsman receives information suggesting an employee has faced adverse treatment linked to a protected ground, the information will not be disclosed if the prospective complainant fully understands the complaints process and has voluntarily declined to proceed. The Ombudsman will share information with Human Resources and/or the Faculty Relations Office only when it is required to do so pursuant to a procedure under this Policy. See the Procedure at section 12.

Conversely, when a person of authority at the University becomes aware of information about discrimination and/or harassment in the workplace, the person of authority must ensure the information is reported to Human Resources in the form of a report or complaint.

A person of authority is defined in the Interim Policy as any person at the university who has charge of a workplace or authority over an employee.