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Complaint Procedure versus Information Reporting Procedure

A Complaint, within this procedure, refers to the process of filing written documentation alleging harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace by the person(s) that has personally experienced the alleged harassment and/or discrimination. If you believe you have experienced harassment and/or discrimination, but do not want to file a formal complaint, you can discuss alternative options with the Human Rights Office and/or the Ombudsman’s Office, your supervisor/manager, or with the Employee and Labour Relations Unit.  It is important to note that discussing an incident which may constitute harassment and/or discrimination may trigger the University’s obligation to investigate regardless of whether or not you want to proceed with a complaint.

The purpose of the Information Reporting procedure is to provide a process for employees, persons of authority, Human Resources, the Faculty Relations Office, the University Ombudsman, bargaining agents and University departments to report information about alleged discrimination and harassment under the Interim Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Policy.

This procedure is in place to ensure that the University responds appropriately to information about alleged discrimination and harassment in the workplace where the information is not submitted to Human Resources in the form of a complaint directly by the Employee who has allegedly personally experienced discrimination and/or harassment (the complainant).