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Unionized Staff

The Ombudsman shall not formally intervene in any matter covered by a collective agreement, employment policy or employment legislation unless all parties, including the relevant bargaining unit or staff association and the Department of Human Resources or the Office of Faculty Relations, as applicable, consent, in writing, to the Ombudsman's involvement, or unless specifically contemplated in the policy. The Ombudsman is not precluded from advising parties to a matter regarding his/her rights and responsibilities, nor from assisting parties to understand the complaint, and supporting parties through this process (Terms of Reference 5.5).

Would an Organizational Ombudsman work with a union to help resolve issues? [1]

The extent to which an Ombudsman would work with a union depends in large part upon the nature of the issue. Most Ombudsmen refrain from significant involvement in issues that are specifically covered by a union contract and for which a specific, formal resolution process is mandated by the contract. However, an Ombudsman can often be a very useful informal resource for union leadership or union employees for issues that are not governed by the contract.

[1], question 10.