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Academic Matters

Students are generally expected to resolve disputes informally with their instructors. When attending a meeting with an instructor, students may choose to be accompanied by a University Dispute Resolution Advisor. Dispute Resolution Advisors, appointed by Senate from the ranks of faculty, are available to students facing adverse academic decisions or other difficulties relating to their academic program. They provide information and advice about Queen’s policies and procedures, help students identify and evaluate options and promote informal resolution of academic and non-academic discipline related-concerns. When requested by any interested party, a Dispute Resolution Advisor may, as of right, be present at any meeting between the student and any decision-maker. To request an Advisor, please contact the University Ombudsman.

Procedures for resolving disputes of this nature have been established by each faculty. For information on the process governing dispute resolution in your particular academic setting, please consult the appropriate Faculty Calendar. Should you exhaust the options available to you under faculty policy, the rules governing appeals may be found in the Senate policy on Student Appeals, Rights & Discipline (SARD) - specifically sections 6, 7, and 20), or you may contact the University Ombudsman for more information.


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