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Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline Policy

The intent of the Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline Policy (SARD) is twofold: to ensure that students receive fair treatment and are aware of their rights and responsibilities, and to establish a fair, efficient method of resolving academic and non-academic discipline matters.

It is important for all faculty, administrators, staff and students who are involved in decision-making about students to be familiar with SARD, and to advise students of their rights, including appeal rights and the right to seek the advice of the Ombudsman or a University Dispute Resolution Advisor or to seek independent legal advice. The University encourages the informal resolution of disputes, which may be achieved with the assistance of a University Dispute Resolution Advisor or by the Ombudsman, or by means of mediation.

Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline (SARD) establishes a University wide body, the University Student Appeal Board (USAB), which provides a final internal appeal process, though there may be circumstances in which members of the University community may have to resort to the courts. The USAB is intended to have a relatively narrow jurisdiction for dealing with appeals, recognizing that the decisions should generally be made by those who are most familiar with the context. For more information on Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline, please consult the policy or contact the Ombudsman.


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