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Non-Academic Conduct

As a Queen's student you are bound by the Student Code of Conduct. Students are responsible for educating themselves on the standards of behaviour expected of them. In general terms, acceptable conduct does not infringe on the rights of other members of the University community and conforms to the regulations of the University and its subordinate jurisdictions and to the law of the land. It must be emphasized that the University's system of non-academic misconduct should not be regarded as a substitute for the civil or criminal law but rather as a complementary system that may be derived naturally from our existence as a clearly distinguishable community of interests. Students are expected to read and abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

Students who wish to make a report of alleged non-academic misconduct by an identified Queen's student can contact:

  • Campus Security and Emergency Services at 613-533-6733 (24/7 non-emergency).
    In an emergency situation, please call 911 or the Queen's University 24/7 Emergency Report Centre at 613-533-6111

    Note: Campus Security cannot accept anonymous reports. If you are concerned about identifying yourself, contact the Office of the University Ombudsman for advice. The University Safe Disclosure Policy may apply.

Orders to Protect Safety

The University administration retains the power to exercise emergency powers when necessary, including the issuance of a Notice of Prohibition to bar a student from entering some or all of Queen’s University pending the outcome of a proceeding, if satisfied that the interests or safety of other students or members of the public would be endangered by the student’s continued presence at Queen’s University or specific part thereof, or by the student continuing in a course or program (SARD s.21).

The exercise of emergency powers is distinct from a decision to refer a matter directly to the University Student Appeal Board (USAB). However, the behaviour or activity that prompted the University to make use of its emergency powers may result in the matter being referred to the USAB.

A student who is subject to the exercise of emergency powers under this provision may request that the Chair of the USAB expedite the hearing of the appeal. This request may require an appeal directly to USAB without an intermediate level of appeal, and may result in a direction abridging the time for filing of documents, or other interim or preliminary direction.


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