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onQ Support

About onQ

onQ is the new Queen's specific name for the Learning Management System (LMS) replacing Moodle. The LMS, Brightspace, was developed by D2L. The system will offer more options and a more robust learning management system. Queen's is hoping that this new system will be even more widely used by the Queen's community than Moodle was as it can be used as a supplement to traditional methods of teaching and to support blended or online learning modules.

What is the benefit of having one LMS for the university?

The move to a single LMS was a recommendation of the Teaching and Learning Action Plan, which was developed after extensive consultation with students, staff and faculty. Adopting Brightspace campus-wide will ensure that all faculty and students have access to the same robust LMS, which also supports strategic teaching and learning initiatives, such as learning analytics, ePortfolios and the tracking of learning outcomes. It also allows the university to focus its support services on one LMS.

Why was onQ selected?

Four faculties and schools were already using D2L Brightspace. These users were pleased with the tools and services provided and found that its capabilities exceeded Moodle. In addition, the Ontario Ministry of Education has signed a system-wide license for Brightspace for all Ontario School Boards, meaning that Queen’s will align with what many of our future students are using.

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