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I want to see Student Numbers in the Grade Book

Changing Personal Display Option

The Personal Display Options page lets you view and adjust the current settings for what is displayed for you in the Grade Book.

Access Personal Display Options

  1. On the navbar, select Grades from the Assessments tab. 
  2. On the Manage Grades page, in the upper, right hand corner click Settings.
  3. Under the Personal Display Options tab click the checkbox for Org Defined ID (Student Number)

The student number will now display in the Grade Book.


I want to use Turnitin in my assigment submission folders

Enable Turnitin in your Course

Turnitin can be enabled in the Course Creation Tool+ when creating a new course or after the course has been created.

For instructions on creating your course and enabling Turnitin go to CCT+ Documentation for Instructors.


you can request that Turnitin it is enabled in your course by submitting a ticket to ITS Help Desk.

Request:  Turnitin
Include:    Course Code, Course Name, Section Number (if applicable), and Term.

Can onQ keep track of late submissions?

Yes, each submission is time-stamped. Using Availability setting, onQ will recognize when assignments are submitted late. Instructors can then view all late submissions using search filters.

How does grading work for Assignments?

Grading for Assignments is done by creating a grade item in the Gradebook and then associating the activity with the newly created grade item.

There is no automatic grading for Assignment submissions. Instructors can grade the submissions directly in the Assignments tool and then publish grades to the gradebook.

What is the maximum file size allowed for the Assignment Submission Folder?

The maximum allowable file size is 1GB.


Can I create a quiz that will distribute a unique set of questions to individual users?

Random Sections are created by importing questions from the Question Library. A random section allows you to present questions in a random order. You can also present different combinations of questions in random order. In other words, you can import 25 questions and present random combinations of 20 of those questions.

When is quiz feedback released to students?

There are two levels of feedback:

  1. Feedback on the overall quiz
  2. Feedback on individual questions.

Feedback is not released until the quiz has been submitted and results are released. Quiz attempt feedback does not currently display in the grades tool. Quiz attempt feedback can be viewed by a student via the quiz submission (in the quiz tool) or via user progress.

Can I set a time delay between quiz attempts?

Unfortunately this is not currently possible in onQ.

How does grading work for Quizzes?

Grading for a Quiz is done by creating a grade item in the Grade Book and then associating the activity with the newly created Grade Item.

Automatic grading exists for certain question types (M/C, T/F, etc). Instructors can review quiz attempts and assign grades for questions that cannot be automatically grades (long answer, short answer, etc) and then publish grades to the Grade Book.