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onQ Support

Content FAQs

If I publish content, can I make edits?

Yes, all published content can be set to Draft and edited again.

How many times can the sub-modules be nested?

Sub-modules can be nested indefinitely, the Table of Contents will display all the nested sub-modules. However, the content area will only display 2 nested sub-modules at once.

How will instructors see what the course is like with a student enrolled?

There is a “View as Student” option available in the Personal Menu in the top right corner. This option allows instructors to view the course as a different role.

When a search is done in the Content Tool, does it show you the file location?

When you select a file in the search results, you will automatically be sent to the file. The location of the file will then be displayed in the Table of Contents.

If I upload a PDF can I link from PDF to an internal page in onQ?

Yes. If you insert a hyperlink to an onQ resource within a PDF document, then upload the PDF, you will be able to select the link on the PDF within onQ and it will redirect you to the resource. (Authentication is needed if accessing link from external source).

When creating a file, what does the “Browse for a Template” button do?

The “Browse for a Template” button allows you to import the content from an existing file within the Manage Files Tool. This can be used to save time when creating multiple files with similar layouts.

How much space does each course have?

Brightspace promotes an unlimited amount of space for your course offerings.