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There are several ways to arrange the Table of Contents in your onQ courses. 

The Table of Contents allows you to view and manage all modules and topics available in your course. It is within the Modules and Topics that you can add and modify your course materials.

1. Pre-loaded Modules

When courses are created in onQ, a number of pre-loaded modules are available in the Table of Contents which you may use to organize your material. These include: Course Description and Requirements, Course Readings and Resources, Weekly Schedule, Lecture Slides, Assignments, and For Instructors Only. 

Please note: if you choose not to use the pre-loaded modules, you may delete the modules from the table of contents. 

2. Week-by-Week

For a basic 12 week course, you can create a module for each week of the course. Within each module, you can include all material which the students are required to complete in the given week. 

3. Subject Based

For courses which separate material by subject, or modules, you may choose to organize the table contents based on each subject. For example, a particular course subject could be spread over 2-3 weeks, in which all material related to that subject can be contained within one module. 

Find out more about Building your Table of Contents.

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