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Add Enrolments to an Existing Course

Note: Enrolments will only be available to you to add to your onQ course(s), through the course creation process (CCT+), if you are listed as the Instructor of Record (IOR) for the course(s), and all of your associated sections in PeopleSoft.

To have yourself added as the IOR for your course(s) in PeopleSoft, please reach out to your Departmental Timetabling Assistant.

Students are added to a course in onQ by attaching enrolment codes to a course. These codes are used by the automated enrolment script to populate courses with official PeopleSoft/SOLUS student enrolments.


Attach Enrolment Codes to a Course

  1. Login into onQ, then click on the CCT+ link.  You will be redirected to CCT+ and the My Courses page.
  2. On the My Courses page search for the course you wish to add enrolments to by entering the course code (ENGL 100) on the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the section Courses Without PeopleSoft Enrolments.
  4. Find your course and click anywhere along the row.

My Courses - Course Without PeopleSoft Enrolments

  1. You will now be taken to the edit course screen.
  2. Click the Add Enrolments button.

Add Enrolments link

  1. Click on Select a Course.
  2. Select the correct enrolment course code/name.

Note: If you cannot see the correct enrolment code you may not be listed as the Primary Instructor of the course in PeopleSoft.  Please contact your Departmental Administration.

Associate course with PeopleSoft enrolment code

  1. Click the Add Enrolments button.

Add Enrollments button

  1. You will now see the CCT+ confirmation screen confirming Your course has been associated with PeopleSoft.  Click the OK button.

Your course has now been associated with PeopleSoft enrolments

You have now added enrolments to the course.

Note: onQ academic courses, associated Teams and associated eReserves’ enrolments sync with PeopleSoft enrolments twice per day, at approximately 3:30am EST/EDT and approximately 3:30pm EST/EDT.