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Create a Course 

You may not need to complete all steps, depending on the options you choose throughout the course creation process. 


Step 1 of 6: Choose a Course

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Choose Option 1 or Option 2

  1. Option 1 From the "Select a course" drop down list, choose the course you wish to create.

    If you do not see a course you are expecting, please contact your departmental timetabling assistant to ensure that you have been properly entered as the "Instructor of Record" in PeopleSoft.

  2. Option 2 Create a course not linked to PeopleSoft enrolments.
  3. Click Next.

Step 2 of 6: Copy Existing Course (Optional)

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  1. Search for a course you have previously taught.
  2. Click Next.

Step 3 of 6: Course Details

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  1. If needed edit the course name.
  2. If you created a course with PeopleSoft enrolments (Option 1) in Step 1, you may also include sections in the course title by clicking the "include sections in title" switch.
  3. If CCT+ cannot identify a Semester for your course based on PeopleSoft's data, you will be prompted to choose one.
  4. Choose a Program for your course.
  5. (Optional) Add or remove Test Students, as desired. A default student is created based on your name and email. You may change both of these fields.
    Remember, Test Student names and emails are visible in the Classlist, so don't use anything you don't want your students to see.
  6. Click Next.

Step 4 of 6: onQ Tools (Optional)

If you chose to Copy a Course in Step 2, skip this step. (The tools from your copied course will be copied into the new course.)

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  1. Choose the onQ Tools you would like enabled in your course. Information about each tool can be found by hovering over the info "i" icon.
  2. Click Next.

Step 5 of 6: Additional Resources (Optional)

If you chose Option 2: Create a Course Not Linked to PeopleSoft Enrolments in Step 1, skip this step. (Additional Resources are only available to courses with PeopleSoft enrolments. If you link this course to PeopleSoft enrolments at a later date, you will be given the option to enable Additional Resources.)

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  1. Turnitin Setup: If you would like to enable Turnitin, click the "Enable Turnitin" switch.
  2. eReserves Setup: If you would like to enable eReserves, click the "Enable eReserves" switch. For your convenience, your eReserves course name will be displayed.
  3. Microsoft Teams Setup: If you would like to create a Microsoft Team, click the "Create a Team" switch.
  4. Click NEXT.

Step 6 of 6: Review & Submit

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  1. Review your course's settings. If you would like to change any, click the step where those settings are found. For example, to change your onQ Tools, click on the onQ Tools step.
    Data you've entered throughout the Create a Course process will be saved, unless you modify a dependent piece of data.
  2. Agree to the Copyright Statement by clicking the switch beside it.
  3. Note that your course will not be available to students until you make it active in onQ.

Your Course is Being Created

Your course and its associated resources will now be created. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with additional details. After you receive the email, you can access your course in onQ.

Note: onQ academic courses, associated Teams and associated eReserves’ enrolments sync with PeopleSoft enrolments twice per day, at approximately 3:30am EST/EDT and approximately 3:30pm EST/EDT.