onQ Support

onQ Support

Non Classlist Users

Instructors can now see Non Classlist Users, in CCT+.  Users with roles such as ‘Manager’ and ‘Sub Administrator’, who are enrolled in your course, will be listed here.

My Courses Homepage

  1. Login into onQ, then click on the CCT+ link.  You will be redirected to CCT+ and the My Courses page.
  2. On the My Courses page search for the course you wish to add enrolments to by entering the course code (ENGL 100) on the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Find your course and click anywhere along the row.

You will now be taken to the edit course screen.

image as described

  1. Click on NON CLASSLIST USERS, on the menu bar.

Image: user who do not appear in classlist