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Create a Course

Create a Course in the Course Creation Tool+ (CCT+)

What is the Course Creation Tool+?

The Course Creation Tool+ (CCT+) is the new name for Qerberus.

What does CCT+ do?

  • Use CCT+ to create your course/s and add enrollments in onQ.
  • Clone an existing onQ Course
  • Enrol the Primary Instructor and Test Students.
  • Create an eReserves course for course materials (book chapters, journals, websites, and videos).
  • Add Turnitin to Assignment (Dropbox) submission folders.

How do I log into (CCT+)?

You can log in using the CCT+ button on the right of this page, or from within onQ in the CCT+ widget.

View documentation on How to Create a Course in the Course Creation Tool+

Log into the Course Creation Tool+

Create a Course (Non-Academic)

You can use Course Creation Tool+ (CCT+) to create your course in onQ. However, student enrolments will need to be added by setting the course up for Self-Registration.

Copy Content from an Existing onQ Course

Note: If you are looking to create a Copy of an Existing Course, please see the Create a Course (above) documentation. The following details how you can copy all or some of the components from one existing course, into another existing course. 

  1. Go to your new Course Offering.
  2. Select Course Admin in the Navbar.
  3. Under Site Resources click on Import / Export / Copy Components.
  4. Choose the Copy Components from another Org Unit option and click the Search for offering button.
  5. A pop-up will appear, Search for your previous course and click Add Selected to confirm.
  6. Now click the Select Components button, Here you will be able to select what content to copy over.
  7. Once you have chosen your content, Click the Finish button to confirm.
  8. Your content should now be copied over into your course.


Navigate in onQ

Navigate in onQ

Note: From the Select a course... menu you are able to "pin" courses to the top of the list by selecting the pin icon on the right side of each course.

All onQ courses follow the same navigation system with the exception of Arts and Science online.

  • To access your course, click Select a course...  (#4 waffle icon on the top row). A list of your courses will be displayed.
  • When you select a course you will land on the Course Home (#9 on bottom row).


 Navigate in onQ Instructor View

  1. onQ - this will take you back to the onQ homepage from anywhere in onQ.
  2. Course Code 
  3. Course Name 
  4. Select a course... - navigate to any of your courses from this link.
  5. Message Alerts - access the Email and Instant Messages tools.
  6. Updates Alerts - view course updates to News, Discussions, Quizzes, etc.
  7. Chatter Alerts - shows new Discussion tool messages.
  8. Profile - access and edit your profile, customize notifications for activities in your courses, modify your account settings, and access the Logout link.
  9. Admin Tools - access to course import/export/copy components, and other admin tools dependent on your role in onQ.
  10. Course Home - the landing page of your course may contain the following widgets, Instructor contact information, calendar, resources, and news.
  11. Content - access course materials in Content, these can include documents, images, media files, presentations, URL links, and existing course activities.
  12. Communications - the following tools are found under this menu, Chat, Classlist, Discussions, Groups, Announcements, and Calendar.
  13. Assessments - the following tools are found under this menu, Assignments, Grades, Quizzes, Self Assessments, Surveys, and User Progress.
  14. Course Admin - is a central area for accessing tools related to setting up and managing your course.