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CCT+ Documentation for Instructors

Accessing the Course Creation Tool

Access the Course Creation Tool (CCT+) from onQ

  1. Login to onQ.
  2. Locate the CCT+ widget.
  3. Click the Course Creation Tool+ link. 

Access the Course Creation Tool from onQ

CCT+ My Courses

Once you are logged in to the Course Creation Tool+, you will see your My Courses page.

  1. Main Navigation panel.
  2. Create a Course in onQ.
  3. My Courses add enrolments to a course in onQ.
  4. Help link to the onQ Support site.
  5. Search for a course (course code and/or course name).


The My Courses table provides the following information:

  1. Course name (eg. ENGL 100 - Introduction to Literary Study F18)
  2. onQ launch button (access the course listed in onQ)
  3. Course activity status
  4. Course start date (*Set in onQ)
  5. Course end date (*Set in onQ)
  6. Enrolments (Has Enrolments/No Enrolments)
  7. eReserves ID
  • Has eReserves Course/No eReserves Course
  • if the eReserves course has been synced (users added)

My Courses table

Create a Course (Academic)

Create a Course

  1. Click Create a Course tab in the main navigation panel.
Navigation menu

Select the Program

  1. Select your Program. Programs are listed in alphabetical order.
Program List

Enter Your Course Code and Course Name

  1. The Course Code consists of four letters (e.g., CHEM, PSYC, PHIL, CISC, etc.) and a three-digit number.
  2. The Course Name entered should be as it is listed in PeopleSoft/SOLUS.
Course Code and Name Fields

Select a Semester

  1. From the dropdown list, select the semester in which the course will run.
Semester List

Clone an Existing Course (Optional)

  1. Choose Clone Existing Course if you wish to copy content from another course.
    Note: only courses for which you are the instructor of record will appear in the drop-down list.
Clone Existing Course

Create a Test Student for Your Course (Optional)

  1. Test Students appear in the Classlist (in onQ) and allow you to experience a course from a student’s perspective, by using the Impersonate feature in onQ. For instructions on how to use this feature, see how to Impersonate a test student in your course.
  2. Use the (+) and (-) buttons to select the number of test students.
  3. In the Email for Test Student(s) field, enter an email address to be associated with the Test Student(s) in the course.
Test Student Field

Course Creation Options and Accepting Conditions of Use

  1. Check Create in onQ 
  2. Create in eReserves (optional)
  3. Check Enable Turnitin if you would like Turnitin to be available in your course.

**You can Enable Turnitin at any time by selecting the course from the My Courses table.

  1. If you select Enable Turnitin for your course, check the box to agree to use Turnitin in accordance with the Instructor Conditions of Turnitin Use at Queen’s University.
Choose where to create your course and enable turnitin
  1. Check the box to agree to use onQ in accordance with Canadian Copyright Law and the Queen’s Fair Dealing Policy
Queen's Copyright

Completing the Create a Course Process

Click the Create Course button. If you have filled out all of the required fields, you will be taken to the add enrolments screen.  If you do not want to add enrolments at this time close this window.



  • You must be listed as the Primary Instructor in the course in PeopleSoft before enrolment codes become available to you in CCT+.
  • Students will not be populated in your course in onQ if the correct enrolment code not added to CCT+.
  • Students will not appear immediately in your course. They will populate the course overnight and will appear in your Classlist the next day.

Adding Student Enrolments (Academic)

To attach enrolment codes to a course

  1. To add enrolments, first click anywhere along the row of the course you would like to add enrolments to.
Add enrolments form Dashboard
  1. Then click the Add Enrolments button.
Add Enrolments to your course

Enter your Course Code

  1.  Enter you Course Code in the field and click the Go button.

Add Enrolments Course code

Select the Enrolment Code(s) for Your Course

  1. Enrolment codes are made up of five pieces of information:
    1. Course Code
    2. Course Number (A = Fall, B = Winter)
    3. Course Section Number
    4. Semester Code (Fall = 9, Winter = 1, Spring/Summer = 5)
    5. Session Number (Always 1 except for Summer courses)
Course Code Example: ENGL_100A_001_9_1
  1. Select your enrolment code(s) from the dropdown menu. If you accidentally click the wrong enrolment code, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click the code again. This will clear the selection.

**Please note, if your course has several enrolment codes (e.g., several different sections), you can multi-select these codes by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard, while clicking each code.

**If you do not see the correct enrolment code(s) for your course, it is possible the course has not yet been registered in PeopleSoft.  In that case, contact your department to inquire about when this will be done.

Enrolment Code menu


Activating Automatic Adds and Drops

  1. The Activate Automatic Adds and Activate Automatic Drops checkboxes allow for the automatic synchronization of course enrolment data in PeopleSoft to your course in onQ.

This means that as students are added to or dropped from your course in PeopleSoft, an automated enrolment script that runs each morning (around 5am) will make the corresponding changes to the course in onQ.

Please note, if you do not check these boxes, new adds and/or drops in PeopleSoft will not be reflected in your course in onQ. 

  1. When finished, click the ‘Save’ button.

Create a Course (Non-Academic)

Creating a Course

When creating a non-academic course in CCT+, you can follow the procedure for creating an academic course, with a few exceptions:

  1. Selecting a Program
    • From the drop-down list of available Programs, please select Community P
  2. Selecting a semester
    • From the drop-down list of available semesters, please select No Semester.  

Adding Enrolments

If you will not be setting your course up for Self-Registration, you have the option of requesting ITS to enrol the students into the course in onQ by submitting a ticket to the ITS Help Desk with the student first and last name, NetIDs or Student Number.

Add Turnitin to your Course

Use the Course Creation Tool if you have already created your course and want to activate Turnitin.

Access the Course Creation Tool (CCT+) from onQ

  1. Login to onQ.
  2. Locate the CCT+ widget.
  3. Click the Course Creation Tool+ link.
Access the Course Creation Tool from onQ
  1. On the Course Creation Tool+ dashboard either use the search box to locate the course or
  2. If you can see the course on the dashboard click anywhere on the row to access the course tabs.
Access Course Tabs
  1. Select the Turnitin tab.
  2. Click the Enable Turnitin checkbox.
  3. Confirm that you will abide by the Instructor Conditions of Use by clicking the checkbox.
  4. Click the Submit button.

Enable Turnitin Tab