onQ Support

onQ Support

Getting Started in eReserves for Students

Accessing Your Course(s)

Your eReserves list will be included in Content section of of your OnQ course.

  1. When on your OnQ course page, click on Content.
  2. A link to your eReserve Item list will be included either under "Course Resources" or in the modules designed for your course.

You can also access your readings outside of OnQ by going to ereserves.library.queensu.ca.

Navigate in eReserves

All eReserves Item lists will follow the same navigation system.

Left Navigation Menu and Search Bar

Top Navigation for Ares eReserves

  1. Left Navigation Menu - this menu includes the following options:
    • Select Main Menu to see your other eReserve lists.
    • Select Report a Problem if you have any issues with accessing your course resources.
    • Under Student Tools you can access your Hot List (course resources that you have marked for future reference).
  2. Search - search all of your eReserve items and tags using the search bar (top-right corner).

Navigating, Accessing and Organizing eReserve Items

Navigating an eReserve Resource List

  1. Tag Cloud - items in eReserve can be organized using tags. The larger the tag, the more resources assigned to that tag. Click on any tag to see all of the resources associated with that tag.
  2. Email Subscription - receive an email when your instructor adds a new item to your course resource list.
  3. Item Access - Show Details provides all citation information for the item and allows you to download a citation that can be imported into any Citation Manager or request an accessible copy of a reading. This link will also show item location and availability (for physical items). View Item will take you directly to the electronic item.
  4. Hot List - Add items to a hot list for future reference.
  5. Search Individual Columns - All columns can be searched (ie. search for "week 01" if you want to access all items required for the first week of class).