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Set Up Turnitin

Create a Turnitin Assignment Submission folder

Create a Turnitin Assignment Submission folder in onQ


  1. Click the Assessment link on the navbar.
  2. Scroll down and select Assignments.

Assessments drop-down menu

  1. Click New Submissions Folder.

New Assignment Submission Folder Button

  1. On the New Folder page, enter the name of the folder.
  2. Select New Grade Item and a pop-up will appear to create a new grade item.
  3. Enter the number of points in the Out Of field that can be achieved by the student.
  4. To add a rubric, select the Add Rubric button to open the Select Rubric pop-up. Once you have chosen the rubrics you want to add, select Add Selected.  This rubric is an onQ Rubric, if you wish to grade in Turnitin create a rubric under Optional Settings Attach a rubric to the assignment, under the Turnitin tab.

New Submission folder Properties

  1. Scroll down and enter instructions for the assignment.
  2. Select Add Attachment to upload any additional resources for the assignment.
  3. Select Submission Options to restrict the number of submissions and how assignments will be saved.
  4. Click Save.

Additional Folder Options

Add Restrictions to the Folder

It is recommended that when creating an Assignment Submission folder in onQ that you ONLY set a Due Date.  The Due Date will allow for late submissions but flag the assignment late with a date and time stamp. 

  1. Click on the Restrictions tab.
  2. Add a Due Date -This is the final date by which the student should have submitted their assignment. If you are allowing late submissions, the submissions will be marked as late after this date.
  3. Click Save.

Assignment Submission folder Restrictions tab


Enable Turnitin

  1. Navigate back up to the Turnitin tab.
  2. Enable Grademark for this folder by selecting the checkbox.
  3. If you want to grade in Turnitin and have those grades transfer automatically to the onQ grade item in the Assignment folder check Automatically sync grades as Draft in onQ (recommended).
  4. Select the checkbox to Enable Originality Check for this folder.
  5. Check the Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity score in their submission folder.
  6. It is recommended you select Automatic originality checking on all submissions.
  7. If you are grading and providing feedback to students in Turnitin enter the date you would like feedback released to students.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Note:  It is important to click Save before clicking More Options in Turnitin so that the assignment settings are transferred to Turnitin.
  10. Now click More Options in Turnitin link.

Assignment Submission folder Turnitin Tab


Turnitin Assignment Settings

After creating the Assignment Submission folder, with Turnitin enabled the folder settings will transfer to the Turnitin Assignment settings page.

Turnitin Settings

  1.  The assignment Title and Max Grade will be automatically populated with the information from the assignment folder.
  2. Allow submissions of any file type?

If set to YesTurnitin will accept any file:

  • that is less than 40mb;
  • that has a minimum of 20 words; and
  • that is less than 400 pages.

If set to No, Turnitin will only accept files that can generate Originality Reports.

This includes:

  1. Microsoft Word™ (doc and docx)
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, and pps)
  3. Portable Document Format (pdf)
  4. HTML
  5. Plain text (txt)
  6. Rich Text Format (rtf)
  7. Adobe PostScript®
  8. Corel WordPerfect®
  9. Hangul (hwp)
  1. Now click the Optional Settings, the page will now expand revealing additional options.

Turnitin Optional Settings

Submission Settings

Submission Storage Options

There are two options regarding submissions:

  1. Turnitin standard paper repository
  2. Do not store the submitted papers

Allow Late Submissions

The Allow Late submissions option allows students to submit work after the due date. The default is set to Yes.  If you do not want late submission set Has End Date in the Assignment Submission folder settings.

Enable Anonymous Marking

Anonymous Marking is NOT available in this integration.

Enable E-Rater Grammar Check 

This feature of assignment creation provides instructors with the option to enable the e-rater grammar and spelling check for all submissions to the assignment. When enabled student submissions receive detailed grammar feedback in GradeMark automatically through the e-rater technology. Select Yes to enable the e-rater engine for the assignment.
If grammar checking is enabled the following options are available:

  • (Optional) Select the ETS handbook level from the drop down menu. The ETS handbooks provide students with in depth information about the grammar errors the e-rater technology finds in their paper.
  • Select the dictionary used for the spelling check.
  • The Categories enabled by default option allows instructors to choose which categories of feedback are enabled when viewing assignment submissions in GradeMark. The default is to show the feedback for every category.

Attach a Rubric to the Assignment (Turnitin Rubric)

  • Select a previously created or imported rubric to the assignment by clicking the drop-down menu to add the required rubric to the assignment.


  • Create a new rubric to attach to the assignment by clicking on the Launch Rubric Manager button.

Compare Against

Compare Submitted Papers Across the Following Sources

The instructor can select the available repository sources to compare submissions in the assignment against. This allows an instructor to disregard a source type if the comparison against this type of source is not needed.

There are three database search options:

  1. Check against Student paper repository.
  2. Check against Current and archived web site content.
  3. Check against the Periodicals, journals and publications.

The default is to enable searching against all available repository sources.

Similarity Report

Similarity Report Generation and Resubmissions

There are three options for generating Similarity Reports for student submissions:

Generate reports immediately, students cannot resubmit
Similarity Reports for all submissions will be generated immediately. Students cannot resubmit papers. Submissions must be deleted by the instructor to enable resubmission.

RECOMMENDED Generate reports immediately, students can resubmit until due date
Similarity Reports for the initial 3 submissions by each student user to this assignment will be generated immediately. After the first 3 submissions reports will take 24 hours to generate. Students may resubmit as often as the student wishes until the assignment due date.

Generate reports on due date NOT RECOMMENDED
Similarity Reports will not be generated for any submission until the due date and time of the assignment. Students may resubmit as many times as needed until the due date and time without receiving reports. Resubmissions may not be made after the due date and time of the assignment.

Allow Students to view Similarity Reports

This setting is enabled by checking Allow learners to see similarity scores in their submission folder under the Turnitin tab.  This feature of assignment creation provides instructors with the ability to control the option to allow students to see Similarity Reports within each created assignment. 

Exclude Bibliographic Material

This feature of assignment creation provides instructors with the ability to control the option whether bibliographic material will automatically be excluded from Similarity Reports. The default is set to unchecked.

Bibliographic materials can also be included and excluded when viewing the Similarity Report. This setting cannot be modified after the first paper has been submitted.

Exclude Quoted Material

This feature of assignment creation provides instructors with the ability to control the option whether the quoted material will automatically be excluded from Similarity Reports. The default is no. Quoted materials can also be included and excluded when viewing the Similarity Report. This setting cannot be modified after the first paper has been submitted. The default is set to uncheck.

Exclude Small Sources

This feature of assignment creation provides instructors with the ability to automatically exclude small sources from all Similarity Reports generated within this assignment.
To exclude small sources check.

Once yes has been clicked the Exclude matches by option window will open. Enter into either the Word Count: or Percentage: fields the numerical value for small matches that will be excluded from Similarity Reports in this assignment.

Instructors can adjust the exclude small matches assignment setting at any time by clicking on the edit icon to the right of the assignment name. The excluding small matches feature can be adjusted within each Similarity Report as well. With this feature instructors have greater control on sifting out smaller matches, allowing them to focus on larger, more problematic and suspect matches within Similarity Reports.

Additional Settings

Enable Peermark

PeerMark is NOT available in this integration.

Save these settings for future use

Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments”? Select Yes to have all future assignments use the advanced assignment options that have been selected as the default setting. Select no to continue with the previous default advanced assignment option settings.

The default settings can be changed at any time when creating a new assignment or updating an existing assignment.

Click the Submit button to save any changes to the assignment settings.