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Enrol Students in Your Course

Enrol Students in your Course (Academic)

Please see the Course Creation Tool+(CCT+) Documentation for detailed instructions on accessing CCT+, and Adding Enrolments to an Existing onQ Course

Enrol Students in your Course (Non-Academic)

For non-academic courses, the options are:

You can use Course Creation Tool+ (CCT+) to create your course in onQ. However, student enrolments will need to be added by setting the course up for Self-Registration (see the instructions below), or submit a ticket to ITS Help Desk including:

  1. student first name
  2. student last name
  3. student number
  4. NetId

Setup your Course for Student Self Registration

In order to enable Self-Registration, first navigate to the appropriate course, then

  1. In the navbar, click Course Admin.
  2. Locate and click Course Offering Information.
Self Registration 1
  1. Scroll down to the Registration section and click the check so Users can self-register.
  2. Click Save.
Self Registration 2
  1. Next, within Course Administration page, click Self Registration.
Self Registration 3

Info Tab

  1. Click the Info tab.
  2. Enter a description of the course Course Offering Info field.
  3. Select Student In the Role to Register as dropdown menu.
  4. Select Approve Enrolments,  if you want to approve users before they are granted access to the course.
    Users will receive a message indicating their request has been received and is subject to review and approval. If cleared, users are automatically enrolled and granted access to the course (as long as the course is not date-restricted or inactive).
  5. Click Save.
Self Registration 4

Restrictions tab

  1. Click the Restrictions tab. ​
    Do any of the following:
  2. To restrict registration to certain dates, select Registration Start Date and Registration End Date and enter a date range using the drop-down lists.
    The course only appears for users on the Self Registration page during the window of time you specify, although courses are always visible for users with cascading permissions.
  3. To restrict registration to a number of participants, enter the number of allowed registrations in the Self Registration Limit field.
    This field is compared against the number of users that have self-registered and have an enrollment status of either approved or unassessed.
  4. To add prerequisite courses, click Add Prerequisites. Locate the group of org units or specific org units you want to add. Click Add.
  5. To add anti-requisite courses, click Add Excluded Enrollments. Locate the group of org units or specific org units you want to add. Click Add.
  6. Click Save.
Self Registration 5

Form tab

A registration form contains fields that users must fill in when registering for a course.

To specify the information you require when students self register:

  1. Click the Form tab.
  2. Click New Form.
  3. Add the Form Name and click Save.
    Do any of the following:
  4. To add a system field to the form, click Add System Field.
  5. To add a custom field to the form, click Add Custom Field.
  6. To change the order in which fields appear, click Reorder Fields.
  7. To determine if the field requires a response, select or clear the Required check box for the field.
  8. Click Save Form.

Your course is now set up for Self Registration.

Self Registration 5.5

Self Registration 5.5

Where do students Self Register?

In order for students to self-register for your course, you will need to provide them with the link below:



Approve Self Registrations

To approve self registration enrollments, you must have the Approve Enrollments permission.

On the navbar, select the Course Admin then Click Self Registration.

  1. Select the Registration List page.
  2. Click on the Show drop-down list, and select All unassessed users then click Search.
  3. Select every user you want to approve in the checkboxes.
  4. Click the Approve Selected icon.
Approve Self Registrations