First Years Not in Residence

Welcome to Queen's University and your new home for the next few years! 

We are very excited to meet you and provide you with a fantastic orientation week experience and introduce you to a new community. The Queen's FYNIRS community aim to create a very welcoming and inclusive environment for first-year students living off-campus. More importantly, to help ease the transition into the Queen's community. 
We are looking forward to a FYNE orientation week with you!

FYNIR Orientation runs during Welcome Weekend, before Faculty Orientation, that means you are able to participate in both and meet some off campus friends! FYNIRS orientation leaders are upper year undergraduate students ranging from their second to fourth years.

FYNIRS community provides students with all the necessary information regarding opportunities, services, and resources available at Queen’s. Activities consist of a semi-formal dance, karaoke event, game nights, Bubble Soccer, and more! You will also have the opportunity to do their faculty-specific orientation in other days.  FYNIRS Orientation is an excellent way for students to meet new first-year students living off-campus and other upper-year students in the FYNIRS community.

More information will be made avaliable in April.
If you require financial aid please contact fynirs@ams.queensu.ca

Have a question? Reach out to our team at fynir@ams.queensu.ca 

For more information and to connect with other FYNIR Students, join our Facebook Group: Queen's FYNIRS