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Not in Residence? Have No Fear, FYNIRS is Here!

September 1st - September 2nd & September 9th

Welcome to the First Years Not In Residence Students (FYNIRS) community! We are an orientation week and AMS Club within Queen’s University designed to help with the transition to university for those students that do not live in residence in their first year here at Queen’s. Our orientation week will be running on September 1, 2 and 9th 2018 during residence move in days so you can still participate in your faculty orientation! Some of our most fun events will include FROSH Olympics, karaoke and a beach day! We are looking very forward to meeting you this coming fall!

What to expect:
On your first day you will be meeting the incoming FYNIRS Class of 2022, your orientation leaders and the executive team! You will see some awesome cheers and dances, get your very own t-shirt and start getting to know your peers. Lunch will be provided and you will only need money for dinner as your orientation group will be heading to downtown Kingston to check out some great eats! You will also be participating in an Amazing Race event and a welcome rally with all the other incoming Queen’s students in residence. The following day will involve getting a little bit messy with some fun outdoor games and an evening filled with karaoke. Finally, we will be heading out to Sandbanks National Park for a trip to the beach on September 9th. Your lunches will be provided every day of orientation and we recommend that you bring a water bottle and sunscreen with you to all the events!

All events will include accessible entrances or transportation if necessary. If you have any accessibility needs please indicate this on our registration intake form, inform us via email at fynirs@ams.queensu.ca or in person on the first day when you register. Queen’s FYNIRS will do everything we can to ensure a fun and accessible orientation for all incoming students!

FYNIRS orientation week will cost each student $55 to cover meals, transportation and event expenses. If you require financial aid please contact fynirs@ams.queensu.ca

We can’t wait for you to meet your orientation leaders. FYNIRS orientation leaders are upper year undergraduate students ranging from their second to fourth years. We call them your Landlords and they will be resources for you throughout your first year at Queens!

Please check us out for more information at http://fynirs.com/. Registration will open on July 15, 2018. We look very forward to meeting the incoming class of 2022!