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Concurrent Education Orientation


Congratulations on your acceptance to Queen’s Concurrent Education (Con-Ed) program! We are so excited to have you join us in the fall for Orientation Week- we have 55 amazing leaders and 5 executives who have been preparing all year to welcome incoming con-eddies, whether you are a transfer student, second year from the castle, or a first year. Welcome to the family!

What to expect:
Our week is composed of amazing social events (coverall painting, semi formal, mystery road trip, etc), academic resource events, a mental health workshop, and lots more! Expect to become oriented around Queen’s campus, meet some amazing con-eddies who will become lifelong friends (seriously) and very spirited, kind and extremely supportive upper years!

Who are your leaders?
Your leaders are 55 upper year con-ed students who we call “Teaches.” All the registered orientation week participants will be divided randomly into an Orientation Week Group named after a Greek alphabet letter, and that will be the group you will spend the whole week with. Each group has 3 or 4 Teaches who are there to support you in your transition to Queen’s!

Accessibility information:
Our five person executive team is here to meet all accessibility needs to the best of our ability, and we have taken this into account while planning events. On the registration form, there will be a section where you can write down any accessibility need(s) you may have and how we can best support you. For any questions or concerns please email the Head Teach.

Financial aid information:
Our faculty offers many bursaries for Orientation Week. Applications for bursaries will be sent along with the registration form and more information can be found on our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding financial aid please email Michelle, Financial Teach, at financialteach@cesa.queensu.ca.

Check out our website, look out in your Queen’s email inbox and join the “Queen’s Con-Ed ‘22” Facebook group to stay updated on everything Orientation Week and Con-Ed, including information on registration, our schedule, leader bios and FAQ! https://www.queenscon-edorientation.com/

If you have any questions or concerns about orientation week, please contact:

Yael Gazit, Head Teach at headteach@cesa.queensu.ca