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Engineering Orientation (September 3-5th & 8th)

Queen’s Engineering Orientation Week is a fun-filled week designed to introduce incoming students to the renowned spirit and unrivaled excellence that Queen's Engineering is known for. Devoted Orientation Leaders, FRECs, lead incoming students through a variety of activities that test the creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm of the incoming class. Incoming students are immersed in the skills, traditions, and sense of community that make Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science stand apart. Events such as Highland Games, Thundermugz, and the coveted Grease Pole are planned throughout the year, and the whole week is entirely student organized.

As previously mentioned, FRECs are the Queen’s Engineering Orientation Leaders. FRECs are students beginning their second year of engineering who are especially passionate about the spirited community Queen’s Engineering offers. All registered Orientation Week participants are randomly divided into a group led by 8-10 FRECs.

Our Orientation Executive strives to make Engineering Orientation as accessible and inclusive as possible. When registering online, let us know how we can ensure that you have the best experience possible during Orientation Week! Additionally, on the online registration form you can request a copy of an “accessibility primer” detailing accessibility throughout Engineering Orientation Week. If you have any questions regarding accessibility and Engineering Orientation, contact Gabi Samek at fc.systems@engsoc.queensu.ca

Orientation week costs $175. The Queen’s Engineering Society believes that Orientation Week is not one to be missed and should be financially accessible to all incoming students. So, the Society will generously award bursaries and those bursaries will be determined based on a written application that will be reviewed confidentially. The bursaries will be given to incoming students whom the Society deems to require financial assistance to participate in the week. There are a limited number of bursaries available. To apply for one, email Gabi Samek at fc.systems@engsoc.queensu.ca, by September 10th, 2018.

While all events are optional, we strongly encourage all incoming students to sign-up and see what they are all about! Queen’s Engineering Orientation Week is a phenomenal opportunity for incoming students to meet one another, engage with upper year engineering students, and gather resources so they feel comfortable and prepared to start class. Orientation Week is truly an unforgettable week on campus and certainly not one you will want to miss!

To register for Queen’s Engineering Orientation Week, click here.

To ensure you don’t miss any updates about Orientation Week, join the official “Queen’s Engineering Class of 2022” Facebook group.

If you have any questions or concerns about registering for Engineering Orientation don’t hesitate to contact Gabi Samek at fc.systems@engsoc.queensu.ca