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Nursing Orientation

Congratulations Class of 2022! Nursing Orientation Committee wants to extend the warmest welcome to Queen’s University! Acceptance to Queen’s University is an amazing accomplishment and you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves. You are now part of a small, close knit faculty who you will soon see becomes your family. These next four years will be challenging and exciting but most importantly they will open doors to the incredible futures that await you.

To kick off your introduction into Queen's School of Nursing, there is an opportunity in September to participate in Nursing Orientation Week, which further information can be found in our handbook which a link is provided below. The Nursing Orientation Committee (NOC for short!!) and our 28 amazing CAPES (second year orientation leaders) will lead you through a week full of team bonding activities within Nursing as well as introduction to our inter-faculty friendships.

Your orientation week fee includes:

  • Orientation T-shirt, Queen’s University Tam, Coveralls, Orientation Kit
  • Admission to the Faculty Concert, Admission to Hypnotist Show with Art-Sci
  • BBQ with Comp-Sci, Semi-Formal Dinner, Breakfast with PheKin and Pizza Lunches
  • Beach Day at Sandbanks Provincial Park
  • Thundermugz day with the Engineers!
  • Transportation to specific events

All academic events are free. We encourage strong attendance to these events as it allows incoming students the opportunity to meet our undergraduate director and Director of the School of Nursing as well as information about academic resources on campus that will assist and provide you support throughout your experience at Queen’s. Further information about the time and location of the events can be found at the end of the Handbook.


Throughout Queen’s campus there are accessible ramps and elevators to buildings for incoming students. As well, throughout events microphones will be utilized as well assistive hearing devices can also be accommodated for throughout the week.

Located in the Nursing Handbook is an accessible campus map for incoming students to access. This handbook can be found at the link below which includes further information about resources on campus that will be available throughout your time at Queen’s that we encourage incoming students to utilize.

In the registration forms found at the link below and located in the Nursing Science Society store incoming students are able to fill out specific physical and mental health associated accommodations. The Nursing Orientation Committee will receive all information and will ensure a smooth and inclusive transition into our Queen’s family.


Nursing Orientation Committee and The School of Nursing understands that the cost for Orientation Week can be expensive especially on top of the costs associated with attending post-secondary. We provide two bursaries courtesy of the School of Nursing and Nursing Science Society for our incoming students that cover the entire cost for participating in Orientation Week. The following link(https://www.queensnss.com/orientation-week) and the link that is in the registration forms sent to your Queen’s email will bring you the bursary application, where you are able to describe your financial need.

Additionally, we strive to make all events as accessible and inclusive as possible. Our goal is that each and every student feels comfortable and has the best experience we can offer. We will do everything in our power to make all aspects of the week accessible whether these needs are physical, mental, social, dietary, financial or otherwise. During the registration process, please notify us if there are ways we can assist you in having a fantastic week!


Capes are second year nursing students leading you through not only Orientation Week, but your entire first year at Queen's! It is their job to ensure you have an unforgettable Orientation Week, answer any questions, and help you transition into life at Queen's. You will soon discover that your Capes are your mentors and friends. They can help you with anything; school related or not. Your relationship with
your Cape's will thrive past O-Week, and they will always be there to guide you throughout your years at Queen's.  Nursing Orientation Committee or NOC as they are commonly referred to are a  group of spectacular third year nursing students who have worked throughout the year to organize Orientation Week to make
it as amazing as possible! They will be at every event so make sure to say hi! They can't wait to meet you!

For more information, visit https://www.queensnss.com/orientation-week