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PHE/KIN Orientation

The Physical Education and Kinesiology (PHE/KIN) Orientation Week has a number of unique opportunities and exciting events planned, that we hope will provide you with one of the most memorable and enjoyable weeks of your life!

Unlike any other faculties at Queen's, incoming PHE/KIN students are given the opportunity to travel to Camp Oconto for the first two nights during the week. Students stay in cabins, and participate in a wide range of activities ranging from 'Flags' to Academic Roundtables. For those unable to travel to Camp Oconto - DON'T WORRY! We haven't forgotten you. There are events planned for on-campus students as well, including a Movie Night and a day trip to Oconto on the second day of Orientation Week. The final two days of the week are spent on-campus, and include Motionball, a marathon of sport involving Special Olympic Athletes, as well as PHE/KIN dance to finish off the week.

Your Orientation Leaders for the week are all 2nd year students as Queen's in Physical Education or Kinesiology! They are called Coaches, and will be leading you through the various events both on-campus and at Camp Oconto. You will also get the chance to meet our 4th year 'Vets', as well as 3rd year Orientation Executives!

Kinesiology students are known for their traditional whistles, light blue shirts and their incredible year dance!

NOTE: If you wish to participate in the PHE/KIN Orientation Week, do not register for the Arts and Science Orientation Week! 

If you have any questions, you can find the contact information for this year's Head Coach, Callum Stephenson, on the Contact Us page or you can follow us on twitter.

Start preparing yourself for one of the most unforgettable week of your life!