NEWTS Students

Welcome to NEWTS Orientation! 

NEWTS Orientation is the only fully upper-year and inter faculties orientation that are designed to welcome global exchange students, returning BISC students and upper-year transfer. This NEWTS week will focus on giving you the smoothes integration to Kingston and Queen's community while having the tight-knit networking fun of Orientation through collaboration with downtown Kingston businesses, major campus academic & international services as well as collaborating with other faculties such as Commerce and Health Science.

Incoming Students, aka. NEWTS will be signing up for a 5 days Fall Orientation which includes a Welcome BBQ, a Tour of the Town to discover what downtown Kingston has to offer for your social life, and Queen's 101 featuring academic, health and cultural services on campus to prepare your journey at Queen's. Traditional orientation events such as coverall painting and tamming is a must and will be followed by a night of dancing and fun at Semi-formal. The week will end with Mystery Road Trip where we will whisk you away from Kingston to a mystery location. Orientation Leaders (Geckos) and Orientation Executives (NC) will be with you at every event, and you will find your travel buddies and classmates.


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There will be information about available financial aid when registration information is released.


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