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ALD Technology forms basis of new GreenCentre spinoff company

Article Date: August 8, 2013

GreenCentre Canada has recently incorporated its third spinoff company, Precision Molecular Design Corporation. Based on a technology invented at Carleton University, Precision Molecular Design’s proprietary ALD precursors enable “greener” production of smaller and faster microchips for the semiconductor industry.

As our gadgets get smaller and more complex, so must the microchips that make them run.

The microchips that power our modern day gadgets are consistently becoming smaller and more complex. Consequently, the ability to connect these microchips’ circuit components with metal conductors—a necessary task in order for the microchip to function—is becoming increasingly difficult.

Precision Molecular Design’s breakthrough metal deposition technology allows manufacturers to generate circuit interconnects in successive layers one atom at a time. This will allow the semiconductor industry to develop the next generation of smaller microchips, ushering in new miracles of miniaturization. The technology will also enable the production of microchips with less waste and lower power consumption. For the consumer, this means longer battery life, more convenient sizing, less heat generation and a reduced carbon footprint.

Invented by Professor Sean Barry of Carleton, GreenCentre originally supported this breakthrough ALD technology with proof-of-principle funding of $16,000 and, in 2011, in-licensed the technology for continued commercial development. In 2012, GreenCentre licensed the technology to Digital Specialty Chemicals, a fine chemical manufacturer, to develop an industrial process to manufacture the precursors.

Precision Molecular is now looking for investors and partners for their precursors and offer development and contract services for the development of materials and processes for the ALD market. Their website was launched in early July and more information on their technology and services can be found online: