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Office of Partnerships and Innovation

AURP Canada Acknowledges the Federal Government for its focus on Commercialization, Innovation and Research

Article Date:  March 30, 2012

Amidst difficult financial times, although a number of cuts have been made in the 2012/2013 federal budget, AURP Canada is pleased to see continued investment  in research, innovation and commercialization.

“Canadian research and technology parks house world-class knowledge-based  businesses that are creating jobs, bringing new ideas to market and leveraging private-sector research funding with federal research programs through academic institutions”, notes AURP Canada President Carol Stewart. “Having access to programs such as SR&ED, NRC-IRAP and CICP is important to the growth and expansion of technology-driven businesses that are part of the research park network and the Canadian economy.”

Increasing venture capital funding will help to fill the gap for early-stage funding and stimulate the transfer of technology, while accelerating the commercialization process.

Stewart adds, “Fifty percent of Canadian research parks have an acceleration centre and forty percent of those that do not have plans to develop one within the next twenty-four months. Acceleration centres provide access to expertise, services and tools that help companies realize
market potential more rapidly. The research park network and acceleration centres provide a steady flow of investor ready concepts that will benefit from increased access to venture capital funding and other federal programming that will continue to be in place as a result of this budget.”

AURP Canada also appreciates the support to CANARIE. According to Stewart, “Investment  in ultra high-speed research network supports world-class research and innovation”. The $40M investment to expand the CANARIE network is good news for research parks, particularly those already connected to the CANARIE network through partnering universities. Greater connectivity will meet growing demand, leverage the network to commercialize innovation and build the network tools that will help researchers, and companies; work more effectively in bringing ideas to market.

A chapter of the Association of University Research Parks (AURP) International (based in Tucson, AZ), AURP Canada was founded in June 2007 and represents 26 research and technology parks across Canada. With over 1,000 companies employing over 39,000 knowledge-based  workers, the 26 parks generate an estimated $3.9 billion annually to the Canadian economy. Canadian research and technology  parks help accelerate knowledge-based businesses. Bridging the gap between incubation and commercialization through collaborative partnerships and core service offerings, the parks connect industry with government and academia.

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