Market-Focused Research Program

The Market-Focused Research (MFR) Program is designed for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members conducting healthcare-related research. The program emphasizes understanding the needs/wants of the market early in the research project so that the commercialization potential of the research outcome is improved.

The Queen’s Market-Focused Research Program is a two-day program covering topics such as market/technology assessments, design thinking, intellectual property, effective communication, and commercialization strategies to support your research, research partnerships, and commercialization/startup formation activities.

The program is designed for graduate students (including those in professional programs such as Law or Medicine), post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members conducting research in fields in which knowledge mobilization or commercialization of the research outcome is likely or who have a startup idea.

Participants will learn skills related to market/technology assessment, design thinking, intellectual property, communication, and strategies/considerations for technology commercialization.

Expected outcomes include:

  • more successful grant applications
  • increased potential for partnerships with industry
  • increased awareness of Queen’s University research
  • an increased understanding of intellectual property and commercialization considerations.

Participants will also become familiar with QPI’s commercialization services.

How to apply

Applications will open in August/September for the October 2021 program.