Growth Acceleration program for post-revenue startups and SMEs poised to grow

Led by Queen's Partnerships and Innovation and delivered by Stiletto Consulting, the Growth Acceleration program is a three-month program for post revenue startups and SMEs in eastern Ontario that 1) are developing and selling new software or hardware technologies or science-based solutions, 2) have demonstrated customer traction and have annual recurring revenue and/or have recently attracted investment, and 3) are poised to grow. Available once per year via application and intake process for eligible clients. 

The program is delivered by Stiletto Consulting.

Participating companies will: 

  • Determine their Growth Strategy (identify different options to grow and develop tailored growth plan)
  • Explore Financing Options (manage growth budget, leverage government programs for growth activity, and benefit from SR&ED)
  • Learn How to Build the Brand and Grow Sales (generate qualified leads in foreign markets, approach government agencies for procurement, and leverage social media)
  • Learn How to Build the Team (structure the management team, attract talent, and build a virtual network)
  • Discover Internal Processes to Support Growth (manage e-commerce and inventory, expand your sales channels, and optimize your supply chain)
  • Learn How to Stay Competitive (navigate the regulatory environment in foreign markets, understand IP, and adapt to next generation innovation)


How to apply

While we are not currently planning enrollment into the Growth Acceleration program, we encourage you to email us if you are interested in the program.