Office of Partnerships and Innovation

Biological and Health-related Resources

Queen's Laboratory for Molecular Pathology

The QLMP is located within the Department of Pathology.  It provides biological sample testing and analysis based on fluorescence techniques including microarray, histology and Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) methodologies.

Electron Microscopy Facility The EM facility is located in the Cancer Research Institute.  The facility provides biological sample structural analysis in the nanometer range.  The unit contains a Hitachi H-7000 (TEM), a Hitachi S-2300 scanning electron microscope (SEM) as well as associated sample preparation equipment.
Cancer Research Institute Advanced Bioimaging The Advanced Bioimaging facility is located in the Cancer Research Institute.  This facility offers a range of services related to image analysis at the cellular and whole animal level.  Available equipment includes flow cytometry and confocal microscopy for cellular analysis and intravital microscopy and ultrasound imaging for animal imaging.
Protein Function Discovery The PFD facility is located in the Department of Biological Sciences.  PFD provides protein interaction analysis and protein structural characterization.  Available equipment includes a Biacore, analytical ultracentrifuge, micro-calorimeters, fluorescence lifetime spectrometer, rapid scanning CD and UV spectrophotometers and mass spectrometry.