Supercomputing at Queen's

A person pressing a button on a halographic cloudQueen's Partnerships and Innovation is leading the charge toward developing a supercomputer and advanced computing testbed - novel infrastructure, via a public-private partnership, to support faculty/undergraduate research and training at Queen’s together with engagements with industry & government research organizations.

Dr. Ryan GrantDr. Ryan Grant is the leading expert on supercomputing at Queen’s University. He is currently an Assistant Professor with Smith Engineering at Queen’s. His research focuses on high performance networking and power management for Extreme scale systems. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles on System Software and his research has been used in several products by leading companies. His research is being used in every currently announced upcoming system of the Exascale computing Era (a billion-billion operations per second) in the world.

For more information about Dr. Grant including his contact information, please visit the Smith Engineering website.