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Office of Partnerships and Innovation

Innovation Park and Novelis-Open House/Scavenger Hunt/BBQ a huge success

On Tuesday September 14, 2010, a beautiful sunny Tuesday, all doors at Innovation Park were open. Everyone within the building got up from their desks, away from their lab benches and out of their offices to meet and greet one another and to learn about the exciting happenings in all areas of the building.

The event began with opening words from Rick Boswell, Assistant Director of Innovation Park and Mark Gallerneault from NOVELIS. The guests were encouraged to introduce themselves to one another, go into the labs/businesses/organizations and learn about the work of each other. A Scavenger Hunt was created to encourage these conversations and aid in the learning about what exciting discoveries are here at Innovation Park. Going door to door, participants gathered answers to clues and collected stamps to fill their game card. Learning things like AFM is the acronym for Atomic Force Microscope to finding out how many websites 14 Theories has built in the last two years, the participants spent an enjoyable time learning all about our co-workers and  what goes on here at Innovation Park.

Regrouping for a BBQ lunch with a team managers flipping burgers and scooping salads, everyone enjoyed lunch and chatting with one another. Participants were encouraged to submit their completed game cards for a chance to collect on prizes, all of which were donated from businesses and organizations within Innovation Park.

This excellent event brought us together and opened our eyes to how important and incredible the discoveries are that happen here at Innovation Park!