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Innovation Park opens its doors to international students

Article Date: September 12, 2013

They came from China, Mexico, India, Brazil and Mexico; top-ranked international students who are paired with faculty at Queen’s University for a 12-week research project, at which time the students are also given an opportunity to learn about the breadth of Canadian research opportunities and local culture.

For a second year, the Mitacs Globalink students were invited to spend some time at Innovation Park. Two different groups came over the summer, both visits including a tour of the facilities in order to expose them to the multitude of resources, research groups, and companies that are part of the Innovation Park community.  

In June, the visit included demonstrations by PhD candidate Andrew Dobson of the Mining Systems Laboratory, a multidisciplinary research group headed by Queen’s University professor Dr. Joshua Marshall, and tours of the Fuel Cell Research Centre (Dr. Brant Peppley) and Snieckus Innovations (Dr. Johnathan Board). Thales Canada Defence and Security’s Liam Porter and Danny Costello, who joined Innovation Park this year, also engaged the students with demos and discussion, after which we were joined by Ruth Noordegraaf of the Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP). 

In September, the flavour of the day was of an entrepreneurial sort: the students were interested in the resources available should they decide to return to Queen’s as graduate students, and to Kingston in general. The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce’ CEO Matt Hutcheon, Sean Mercer (Mitacs' onsite Business Development Specialist), and Launch Lab’s Garrett Elliott talked about what their organizations do and what they can provide. Information was also provided from The Entrepreneur Centre at KEDCO and the Kingston Immigration Partnership. 

While the intent is to educate the Mitacs Globalink students, the tours tend to be a learning experience for both sides, with the students lending a global perspective to what we do here. Innovation Park will continue to open its doors to them in the future.

“The Globalink Experience is really awesome and I would like to remember each moment. Thanks for the tour. It was fantastic!” Saulo