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Office of Partnerships and Innovation

Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) representatives to tour Innovation Park

Article Date: October 29, 2012

The seven sister institutions of the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) will gather at Queen’s this week to further develop the scope of international collaboration that began between the partners in 2010.

Principal Daniel Woolf is the current board chair of the Matariki Network of Universities.
“The significance of the Matariki Network cannot be overstated,” says Principal Daniel Woolf, current board chair of the network and meeting host. “It’s an alliance of some of the best universities around the world, all mid-sized, research-intensive schools with a strong teaching mission and a commitment to social purpose. This executive meeting will allow us to take stock of the network’s activities over the past two years, to plan for the next two, and to share the incredible opportunities and depth of knowledge at Queen’s with our international friends.”

This year’s executive committee meeting will include discussions on furthering international exchange, dual degrees and mutual credit recognition between the partners, and developing the strategic organization and future activities of the MNU.

Attendees will also discuss research initiatives and take a tour of Innovation Park (IP), the Queen’s-led centre that connects academic, industrial and government researchers to develop and propel technological innovations into the marketplace. The tour will include a look at GreenCentre Canada within IP, which is leading the way in “smart” chemistry, and encouraging the design of products and processes that reduce waste, provide safer products and reduce the use of energy and resources.

Principal Woolf, Alan Harrison, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research), and Jim Lee, Vice-Provost (International) will represent Queen’s at the meeting. Senior academic leaders from the other member institutions – Dartmouth College in the United States, Durham University in England, University of Otago in New Zealand, University of Tübingen in Germany, University of Western Australia in Australia, and Uppsala University in Sweden – will be on campus for several days. 

Queen’s and the six international universities came together to form the MNU with the goal of facilitating cooperation on everything from research and international exchanges to social responsibility projects and cultural activities. The name, Matariki, comes from the Māori language in New Zealand and signifies the group of stars known as the Pleiades star cluster, or Seven Sisters.