Smart City Technology Gives Canada A Boost Operating On Patented Broadband Platform Over Existing Infrastructure

Article Date: July 22, 2015

KINGSTON, ONT - July 22, 2015 - A patented broadband platform offering NTSC and HDTV quality video conferencing, digital television and broadband data services to multiple customer constituencies is being introduced to Canada by Enviro Innovate, in collaboration with Global Performance Solutions and its partner, IBM (NYSE:IBM).

This game-changing technology delivers significant technological and economic value by implementation of this turnkey system integration solution over existing infrastructure as opposed to laying new fiber line or cable line, as is required with competing technologies.

In addition to its “Smart City” application, this Turnkey System Integration Solution partnership will provide significant benefit to a number of commercial verticals, including rural infrastructure enhancement, defense and security, cross border security, central command and control applications, oil and gas, utilities and energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.

“In the particular case of a “Smart City” application, we will introduce the ability to control and automate assets, which enables an existing city or municipality to increase its efficiency, and lower its operating costs within months of project completion” stated Global Performance Solutions President & CEO Bill Perry. “The Intelligent City is an integration of technology and best practices that provides the basis for improved quality of life for its citizens as well as significant economic value to taxpayers resulting from enhanced planning, design and operation of the city infrastructure. Some of the benefits can begin within weeks of initiating the project.”

“Our value proposition includes creating an Intelligent City Infrastructure that will integrate the digital identification of municipal assets, enabling City officials to have electronic oversight of, and the ability to control and automate these municipal assets” Enviro Innovate Chairman & CEO Tom Thompson advised. “The Intelligent City will be able to invest in this leading edge Intelligent Architecture without incurring what traditionally has been a cost prohibitive capital expenditure due to the previously required massive replacement of infrastructure and subsequent ever-increasing bandwidth requirements. As importantly, the installation of this Intelligent Architecture capability will result in data base integration that will support the activities of police and fire departments, as well as other first responders.”

About Global Performance Solutions

Global Performance Solutions (GPS) is a systems integration and consulting company that provides broadband telecommunications solutions, Smart Building  Solutions, Smart City Solutions and  Cyber Security Solutions. GPS is an IBM Partner company and works closely with IBM and other partners to provide best of breed solutions.

GPS is headed by Bill Perry who was formerly an executive at AT&T and IBM. He has broad experience in providing telecommunications solutions as well as intelligent infrastructure and security solutions globally.

About Enviro Innovate

Enviro Innovate, spearheads a unique partnership with Queen’s University, involving Enviro Innovate’s cleantech accelerator at Innovation Park, located at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario Canada. The initiative attracts startups and established enterprises looking to commercialize or acquire innovative technologies.

Enviro Innovate is an affiliate of Enviro Ambient Corporation Enviro Ambient develops and commercializes clean energy solutions that improve air quality, reduce CO2, increase energy efficiency and sustainability, and look to enhance water quality and water supply.