Clean-tech Foundation Completes United States Chapter Formation Dedicated to Educate, Advance, Foster and Support Clean Technology Innovation

September 7, 2017

BOSTON, MA – The formation of the United States chapter of the Enviro Innovate Clean-tech Foundation.

The Foundation leads a collaborative community organized to ensure that the Americas lead and retain an important voice when globally discussing issues pertaining to energy, the environment and climate change by bringing credibility and practicality to the discussion. The Foundation educates and advances an approach that joins technology, innovation, academia, government, utilities, industry, and other interested stakeholders, targeted toward educating, developing and implementing practical energy and environmental policies and solutions.

The Foundation, in collaboration with our coalition partners, is able to draw on the experience and expertise of a multitude of relationships and resources to enable the Foundation to advance, foster and support the design, invention, patent and development of next–generation, globally–applicable, clean technology products.

“The vision for the Foundation is to generate donations from our donors and sponsors that are then dedicated to educate, advance, foster and support the design, invention, patent and development of clean technology in pursuit of positive global impacts for the benefit of humankind”, says Tom Thompson, Chairman of the Enviro Innovate Clean-tech Foundation. “The Foundation is able to access the deep strength of its global strategic alliances and partnerships to accomplish this.”

The Foundation is supported by outside educational and research grants, gifts and donations, as well as the Foundation’s strategic alliances and industry partnerships. The Foundation’s focus is to support a range of clean technology solutions including: recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, advanced materials and water solutions. As importantly, this also includes energy efficiency and production technologies that result in lower GHG emissions.

The Foundation spearheads a blue chip group of organizations and individuals dedicated to inspiring transformation, enabling new markets, and advancing solutions to some of our world’s grandest challenges.

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