Clausehound new Innovation Park partner

Innovation Park has recently partnered with Clausehound to provide legal resources to support the success of our startups in establishing their businesses. is a legal tool geared towards entrepreneurs, early-stage businesses and small businesses alike to help draft legal documents when they are at stages of development that make it cost-prohibitive to hire a lawyer. The Clausehound Small Business law Library hosts over 150 legal contracts, as well as tens of thousands of legal clauses, articles, and lawyer commentary that will help you learn the fundamentals of legal drafting.

Through our partnership with Clausehound, our clients are eligible for a Clausehound account with full access to the legal Library, which includes the ability to download up to 3 legal documents per month to edit and craft agreements according to their business needs.

Clients will be able to:

  1. DISCOVER : Browse the document Library; uniquely augmented with knowledge to improve the ability of entrepreneurs to understand their own legal needs and agreement drafting
  2. LEARN : Agreement explanations, insights, and learning points available at the touch of a button
  3. DRAFT : No more drafting from scratch. Download a document and edit it directly to fit your specific business needs
  4. SAVE : Save time and cut costs by better preparing yourself for a meeting with legal counsel

Better learning, better insights, better actions

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