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Active interaction with Queen’s undergraduate students is facilitated through a number of 4th year Capstone (thesis project) programs within the Engineering faculty and through co-op programs such as in Biochemistry.  In addition Career Services provides a number of programs and support services, such as internships and career fairs to help industry interact and evaluate new talent opportunities.

Undergraduate Capstone programs  
Technical engineering and management Technology, Engineering and Management (TEAM) is a multidisciplinary project course offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen's University that links 4th year students (arts, science, engineering, law, commerce and business) with industries seeking additional consulting resources.
Multidisciplinary design program Queen's Applied Science has created an opportunity where students can learn and practice design and professional skills in a multidisciplinary environment.  Companies are invited to participate in the project phase of the MDS by sponsoring a project in the Multidisciplinary Design Project course, APSC 480.
Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Capstone Design A one (or two) term program for fourth year students to work on engineering projects directly with an industrial partner.
Civil Engineering Capstone Project This fourth year design capstone course has student teams undertake a comprehensive engineering design project which involves the creative, interactive process of designing a structure/system to meet a specified need subject to economic, health, safety and environmental constraints. The teams will work in collaboration with an industry partner.
Civil Engineering Industry Open House Contact Civil engineering for event details.  An annual event for companies in the Civil area to recruit from graduating students.
Biochemistry Co-op Program Co-op students typically complete one eight-month work term (May - Dec), one four-month (May - Aug) work term to obtain a B.Sc. (Hons) Specialization Biochemistry degree with a co-op designation.  The program places student into industry to gain hands-on experience with real world biological product development and bring current knowledge into the industrial setting.
Career Services  
General Services The central provider of career education and employment support services at Queen's University for undergraduate, graduate students and recent alumni from all disciplines.
Career Fairs A number of general and targeted career fairs and events are hosted on campus over the academic year where prospective employees can interact with visiting companies.
Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) offers Queen’s students a chance to gain competitively paid work experience related to their subject of study during 12 to 16-month work terms in technology, languages, business, and industry.
Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) has provided Queen’s undergraduate students with an engaging, challenging and rewarding summer work experience. Funded through the undergraduate portion of the Student Assistance Levy, the program encourages creation of on-campus summer jobs that provide valuable experiences for Queen’s undergraduate students