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Research Partnerships and Commercialization Workshop now accepting applications

KINGSTON, ONTARIO – SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 - Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) has developed a new workshop for graduate students (including those in professional programs such as Law or Medicine), post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members conducting research in fields in which knowledge mobilization or commercialization of the research outcome is likely or who have a startup idea.

The Queen’s Research Partnerships and Commercialization Workshop is a two-day program covering topics such as market/technology assessments, design thinking, intellectual property, effective communication, and commercialization strategies to support your research, research partnerships, and commercialization and/or startup formation activities.

“Participants will learn the skills necessary to conduct a critical assessment of their research/startup idea in terms of its commercialization potential and value from the perspective of a customer or end-user,” says Jason Hendry, Assistant Director, Commercial Development with QPI. Further, participants will learn about intellectual property and its importance in advancing research to the market, how to effectively communicate your research to non-technicalaudiences, and about factors and strategies that can increase the chances of a successful knowledge mobilization or commercialization outcome.

Apply to the program here!

Are you ready to join our cohort? Be sure to apply before October 2, 2020!

The implementation of the skills learned during this workshop will help participants in writing grant applications and in finding industry partners for research collaboration, knowledge mobilization, or commercialization. Participants will have a greater awareness of intellectual property and will be better prepared to discuss their research and work with industry.

The two-day program will be delivered online through MS Teams, with support and materials provided through a private Slack channel. Participants will have the opportunity to implement their lessons, network and receive support from university experts.

To learn more about the Queen’s Partnerships and Research Commercialization Program, please contact Jason Hendry (