Research or Innovation-Related Agreements and Contracts

The Queen's Partnerships & Innovation (QPI) team is responsible for the central review, drafting, negotiation, and authorization for signature of research- and-or innovation-related agreements with sponsors, collaborators, and partners for Queen's University. The review process ensures that terms of proposed research or innovation agreements are in accordance with university policies such as publication rights, intellectual property ownership, conflict of interest, and indirect costs, and in accordance with the terms and policies of related funding agencies. The QPI team provides project and relationship management support, as appropriate, during the life of the research contract.

The types of research- and innovation-related agreements that are drafted, reviewed and-or finalized by the QPI team include, but are not limited to: 

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Inter-Institutional Agreements
  • Visiting Scientist Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Sponsored Research Agreements
  • Project Leader Agreements and Project Participant Agreements
  • Clinical Trial Agreements
  • Participating Centre Agreements
  • Site Agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements (for inbound or outbound transfers)
  • Data Sharing Agreements and Data Transfer/Access Agreements
  • Network Agreements
  • Contribution Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Agreements and Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements
  • License Agreements
  • Equipment Loan Agreements
  • Facility Access Agreements
  • Other agreements, related to the expenditure of funds from research accounts, upon request

Prior to the review or drafting of any and all research- or innovation-related contracts/agreements by the QPI team, including the finalization of template agreements, faculty members and researchers are required to have the appropriate administrative approvals (from Department Heads, for example) in place. To obtain these approvals, researchers must submit a request/application through the Researcher Portal for TRAQ . Please submit this application as early as possible to avoid delays in the approval and review processes, and establishment of your research projects and accounts.

Please note that faculty members are not authorized by the university to sign research- or innovation-related agreements such as those listed above. For more information about this policy, please visit the Research Legal Services page  on the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel website.

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