Services for Queen's Faculties and Academic Departments

The Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) team offers various services and resources to Queen’s Faculties and Academic Departments.

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Strategic partnerships

The QPI team is outward facing and has a mandate to be a responsive institutional front door to industry and not-for-profit organizations that are seeking interactions and collaborations with Queen’s and our research community. The QPI team also helps Faculties, Departments, Research Centres and Institutes, and faculty members to advance strategic initiatives and relationships with prospective and current partners.

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The QPI team participates in several strategic consortia and can advise you of resources and/or opportunities to engage with member organizations. 

 To see a listing of our memberships, visit our Memberships in Strategic Consortia page

In partnership with the Kingston Economic Development Corporation and relevant organizations in Syracuse, the QPI team facilitates discussions between Queen's faculty members wishing to explore and build cross-border research collaborations with SUNY campuses and supports or connects startups and SMEs looking to establish business relationships or premises in Upper State New York or in Eastern Ontario.

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Relationship building

The QPI team can often facilitate introductions between Queen's Faculties, Departments and faculty members and external organizations.

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The QPI team can help Faculties, Departments, Research Centres and Institutes, and-or faculty members to coordinate and host strategic campus visits and meetings with industry partners to showcase Queen’s research strengths and to explore opportunities to establish research collaborations.

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Funding and talent

There are several agency-funded programs supporting collaborations between academia and for-profit partners as well as not-for-profit partners.

 Contact us to learn more about popular research partnership programs offered by the Tri-Council Funding Agencies, the Ontario Centre of Innovation, and Mitacs, and to discuss your current partnerships and objectives

The QPI team can help Departments and faculty members to identify and pursue strategic internship opportunities for graduate students.

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Legal services

The QPI team is responsible for the central review, drafting, negotiation, and authorization for signature of research- and-or innovation-related agreements with sponsors, collaborators, and partners for Queen's University. The review process ensures that terms of proposed research or innovation agreements are in accordance with university policies such as publication rights, intellectual property ownership, conflict of interest, and indirect costs, and in accordance with the terms and policies of related funding agencies.

 For more information and types of agreements and contracts we can help with, visit our Research or Innovation-Related Agreements and Contracts page.

Please note that faculty members are not authorized by the university to sign research- or innovation-related agreements. For more information about this policy, please visit the Research Contracts page on the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel website .


As Research Centres and Institutes, faculty members, post-docs and students become more entrepreneurial and more focused on opportunities to commercialize intellectual property, and-or may be working in or managing a busy laboratory with multiple students and projects including projects with industry partners, it is important to document roles, responsibilities, and rights of the university, faculty members and students. These arrangements can be novel as well as complex.

 Contact us to discuss your specific situation and objectives, and the QPI team will help you to develop and navigate a path forward

The QPI team has lawyers on staff who can provide Faculties, Departments, Research Centres and Institutes, and-or faculty members with legal counsel related to emerging or existing research collaborations involving Queen’s and other parties.

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Intellectual property and commercialization

The QPI team has patent agents and other staff members who can provide advice on patentability, commercialization, and other intellectual property matters. The QPI team is responsible for drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications, managing patent portfolios, and providing strategies for intellectual property protection.

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As required of QUFA faculty members, you will need to fill in and submit a disclosure form which documents an invention and helps the QPI team with an evaluation of the commercial potential.

 Please visit our Inventions and Intellectual Property page for these forms.


The QPI team has experienced personnel to advise on commercialization strategies including protection of inventions, licensing, option agreements, trade secrets, the creation of startups, the Foundry program and incubation and acceleration programs.

 Contact us to discuss technology commercialization objectives and opportunities

Discoveries and inventions usually follow one of the two following commercialization paths: a license to an established company or a license to a newly formed startup company.

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Communications and marketing

The QPI team can help Research Centres and Institutes and-or faculty members raise awareness about project outcomes and bring together people and resources to help reach next steps and increase project impacts.

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Using a variety of communication channels, the QPI team promotes successful research collaborations which we help to establish and/or facilitate and works with University Relations, Faculties, Departments and/or faculty members and partners to identify and publicize the objectives, outcomes and impacts of research partnerships and specific collaborations.

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The QPI team also promotes the accomplishments of entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with which we are working in Eastern Ontario. In addition to written communications, the QPI team utilizes our extensive innovation ecosystem to conduct outreach activities to industry and partners in the community.

Workshops and events

Upon request or invitation, the QPI team delivers brief training sessions for Departments and associated faculty members, and coordinates and delivers interactive sector-specific workshops to facilitate engagement between faculty members and industry.

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The QPI team and partners offer numerous programs, workshops, and events for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in Eastern Ontario. To learn about upcoming workshops and events available via the QPI team, visit our Workshops and Events page.

 Workshops & Events page

The Queen’s Market-Focused Research Workshop Series is a two-day program covering topics such as market/technology assessments, design thinking, intellectual property, effective communication, and commercialization strategies to support your research, research partnerships, and commercialization /startup formation activities.

The program is designed for graduate students (including those in professional programs such as Law or Medicine), post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members conducting research in fields in which knowledge mobilization or commercialization of the research outcome is likely or who have a startup idea.

 To learn more and apply, visit the Market-Focused Research Workshop Series page

The Market-Focused Research (MFR) program is designed for faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students conducting healthcare-related research. The program emphasizes understanding the needs/wants of the market early in the research project so that the commercialization potential of the research outcome is improved. Participants will learn skills related to market/technology assessment, design thinking, intellectual property, communication, and strategies/considerations for technology commercialization. Expected outcomes include more successful grant applications, increased potential for partnerships with industry, increased awareness of Queen’s University research, an increased understanding of intellectual property and commercialization considerations. Participants will also become familiar with QPI’s commercialization services.

 To learn more and apply, visit the Market-Focused Research program page


The QPI team offers resources to assist eligible startups, founded by faculty members, post-docs and-or students, with an invention disclosure, intellectual property management strategies, startup formation, incubation and acceleration programs, and connections to local partners in the innovation ecosystem.

 Please visit our page for entrepreneurs, startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises.