Office of Partnerships and Innovation

Disclose & Commercialize

Technology Transfer for Inventors:

Our Processes for Working with You:

  1. Invention Disclosure – Whether you are starting your research program, have made a discovery/invention, or are somewhere in between, contact us-- the earlier the better. Our confidential Invention Disclosure Form helps you articulate your findings, and helps us start thinking about a commercialization strategy.
  2. Evaluation – Each discovery/invention is unique, with its own fit in its discipline and in the current market. We assess your innovation and its market opportunity and get back to you with a recommendation on whether, and how, to proceed with commercialization.
  3. Agreement – To ensure a good working relationship, we sign a commercialization agreement with you that, among other things, confirms how future returns will be shared.
  4. Commercialization – Your discovery/invention will generally follow one of the two following commercialization paths: license to industry, or form a startup company.

Getting Started:

When should you start talking to us? The short answer is 'early and often', or when you are at a 'eureka' point in your research, such as:

  • Testing an idea or completing a research project
  • Preparing to present or publish your work
  • Applying for funds for research
  • Applying for commercialization funding

As a first step, please fill out and submit an Invention Disclosure Form to one of our Assistant Directors, Commercial Development. This form documents an invention, and helps the technology transfer team with an evaluation of the commercial potential.

If we make an offer to commercialize your invention, the following is the template used as a starting point to discuss a commercialization project.

To Get Started, please contact the Technology Transfer Unit.