AIMday: Researcher Info Session - September 13, 2022


Tuesday September 13, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Virtual Workshop
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About this Event

Hosted by Queen’s University in collaboration with Toronto Metropolitan University and Hub350, AIMday™ Mobility will explore the future of mobility in its varied contexts – from advanced transportation to human health and beyond. The need to understand mobility trends and opportunities to utilize advanced technology to create viable mobility solutions is quickly mounting in order to reduce impacts on our environment, support next generation transportation modalities, have better outcomes for displaced communities, increase safety and security and enhance personal mobility including supporting those with impaired mobility.

Join us on September 13th or September 15th to learn more about the AIMday method and to ask any questions that you have.

Please note that researcher registration for the AIMday event opens on September 9th.

View a recording of the information session

To learn more about the event, visit our AIMday™ Mobility page.