Cunningham Swan presents, "Raising Capital: Debt vs Equity Financing and Where is it?"

Thursday April 2, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Virtual Workshop

Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation is pleased to be working with Lisa Asbreuk, Partner, Cunningham Swan LLP to present “Raising Capital: Debt vs Equity Financing and Where is it?” on April 2, 7-8:30 pm via Zoom.

Capitalizing your company – raising debt and/or equity financing – can be a daunting topic and endeavor for many growing businesses. We can help break down what these terms mean for founders and the future of your company, the pros and cons of borrowing relative to issuing shares to investors, and the hazards and implications of granting options as you attract talent.

This is your safe place to ask anything and be part of a candid discussion about what it takes to attract competing dollars in an opaque private company investor marketplace.

We can share what we’ve learned from experience and what we see in the market among private companies and the people who invest in private companies, and explain how to most cost-effectively prepare for investor due diligence. Sensible structure is critical. Good contracts are critical. But most importantly, your attitude and ability to embrace investor expectations may determine your company’s trajectory and success. Done right, the process should be positive and exciting, and should lay the foundation for your company to be ready for opportunities as they arise.