Future Proof your Brand with a Goal and a Plan


Wednesday May 6, 2020
6:00 am - 7:00 am


Virtual Workshop
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About this Event

These times are unprecedented, it will impact EVERYONE in the local startup economy, and around the globe. Very few people or businesses will be making their typical livelihood over the next while, BUT we can be more focused, more differentiated and clearly more compelling on why customers should come back to our business. Remember, customers have choices and seek value. We need to convince them why they should buy from you. Like the many crises before us, those who prepare, invest the time and do the hard work, will be better set-up for success when the customer come back.

Peter S. Drummond from PSD+G Strategy will lead a 90 minute webinar to help you start to work on your brand. He will provide a high level overview of a strategic plan and identify the key components and questions to address immediately. More importantly he will bring to the table practical examples and models that you can use today while you re-evaluate your brand plan.

Peter will explore and discuss questions like:

  • Where to start on revising your strategic plan.
  • What business are you really in? How do you make money?
  • Who is your real target customer and how much do you know about them?
  • Who are the "real influencers" for your target?
  • Where are the opportunities to grow and how do I do it?

This webinar is FREE and open to all Queen's Startup Runway members, small business owners, and entrepreneurs in Kingston, and the surrounding area.

Note: Participants will be emailed the Zoom coordinates shortly before the meeting.