Mastering Your Money Mindset Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs


Thursday March 9, 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am


Virtual Workshop
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Join other women entrepreneurs from the WE-CAN community as we learn about harnessing the power of our money mindset to grow our businesses.

About this event

FACT: You are the Master of your own money mindset. This mastery shows up in every money- related thought and resulting action. So why do we struggle so much with the concept of money, from product pricing to financial investment?

There are many possible reasons for our money mindset blocks. Some of these may include:

  • We don’t yet believe in the power of our money mindset to create the life we desire and deserve.
  • We haven’t been taught how to harness that power to our advantage.
  • We are downright frightened of how that power can manifest into our reality.

In this 90-minute workshop, Hadriana Leo of Money Navigator™ International will:

  • Explore how to eliminate the conflict between our fears and our dreams.
  • Offer simple tools to help create better awareness of our money thoughts.
  • Suggest ways to move from robotic affirmations to affirming actions.
  • Propose opportunities to choose our thoughts and thus our results.

Participants will also be guided through an exploratory exercise to help uncover hidden blocks that may be sabotaging their money mindset efforts.

Join us as together we learn to harness the power within us to bring to life our boldest dreams.

Live Zoom transcription will be enabled during this event. Should you require other accessibility supports, please email as soon as possible since advance notice is necessary to arrange for some accessibility services.


Hadriana Leo is the founder of Money Navigator™ International. With over a decade of experience in financial management, she has helped dozens of women make positive changes in their lives.

With years of business and finance experience, Hadriana am committed to showing women how to say ‘bye’ to debt, build financial freedom for their future and most importantly change their mindset towards money. With the right tools and plan, she helps women step into the life they truly want.


The WE-CAN Project is led by Queen’s University and supported by the Government of Canada. Its mission is to inspire and empower existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs by providing them with tools, resources, expert mentors, networks and community building to expand existing businesses and to launch new ventures.

The Government of Canada, through FedDev Ontario’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) Ecosystem Fund is providing $3.2 million for Queen’s University to design and deliver programs and services to accelerate, train, mentor and provide resources to women entrepreneurs and women-led companies in the community.

The focus of the WES strategy is to provide support to women entrepreneurs from diverse and underrepresented groups.