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Basic Laboratory and Field Methods Used at PEARL

A valuable source of paleolimnological methods is the DPER - Book Series Volumes 1-4  

Peat and other types of coring video

Line Attachment Procedures for Glew Gravity Corers

R Scripts used at PEARL

The 'jezioro' package for R (by Adam Jeziodski)

The 'jezioro' (polish for 'lake') R package is a collection of functions and datasets intended to simplify some of the work performed at PEARL. The current version (0.20) contains ten functions that can help perform some of the common analyses done in our lab. Including things like:
- determining the number of individuals represented in counts of cladoceran remains
- inferring VWHO from sedimentary chironomid assemblages
- inferring sedimentary chlorophyll a from spectral measurements of sediment intervals.

The package also contains master copies of some commonly used datasets.

vrsChlaE 1.07 (Log Calculation and Z-scores) (by Evan Jones)

A simple to use and efficient Sedimentry Chlorophyll a R script for single step processing of .xls files produced by Vision software (VNIRS scan output).
Click here to download vrsChlaE 1.07 (Log Calculation and Z-score output) for Windows.

Note on updated VRS-chlorophyll a inference equation: For an explaination of the update see: CHLa_updated_formula_explaination

For INTERNAL METHODS and DOCUMENTS only available to PEARL students and researchers: Click Here [Password required]


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