PLT-Affiliated Faculty

History, Philosophy

History of Political thought, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, the English Revolution, Liberalism, the History of Christianity, Toleration and Religious Freedom, Constitutionalism, Monarchy

Political Studies, Philosophy

Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Practical Ethics, Ethics

Moral and Political Philosophy, Bioethics

Law, Philosophy

Philosophy of Law, Jurisprudence, Moral and Political Philosophy, Constitutional Theory, Human Rights

Critical Prison Studies, Phenomenology, Feminism, Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Critical Race Theory

Social and political philosophy, with an interest in Africana and Indian Political Philosophy


Moral Philosophy / Ethics, Political Philosophy, Moral Psychology

Philosophy, Political Studies, Law

Political Philosophy

Political Studies, Philosophy

Political Philosophy, Political Theory

Moral, Social & Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law

Anishinaabe Ontology, Studio Visual Arts, Phenomenology, Critical Theory

Political Studies, Philosophy

Political Theory, Political Philosophy