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Adam Schipper


Adam completed his BA at Brandon University with a double major in Philosophy and English Literature, and his MA at Concordia University. His MA thesis at Concordia explored the ethico-political stakes of narrative identity in Ricoeur’s Time and Narrative through Derrida’s account of originary difference and promissory speech acts in Specters of Marx and The Politics of Friendship. After time living abroad, he came to Queen’s to pursue his philosophical interests in existential phenomenology, radical political philosophy, and critical approaches to poverty theory and policy. Drawing primarily of Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy of embodiment, as well as his interpreters in feminist phenomenologies and phenomenologies of race, his current doctoral research involves articulating a critical phenomenology of poverty, a method of suspending the naturalized, opaque, and violent structures of the modern lifeworld in order to expose the sorts of gendered, racialized, and classed power hierarchies that enforce and reproduce poverty as a modality of embodied being-in-the-world.