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The Department of Philosophy Colloquium Series presents

Benoît Godin (INRS, Montréal)

“X-innovation: A Story of Appropriation and Contestation”

THURSDAY, October 5th, 2017

WATSON HALL, ROOM 517 @ 4:00 p.m.

Much has been written on technological innovation in the last sixty years. A whole industry of books and articles offers theories, frameworks and models to make sense of technological innovation and contribute to public policies and firm strategies. Because of (or thanks to) technological innovation, innovation has become part of our everyday vocabulary, even a buzzword. Yet, technological innovation is only one of many kinds of innovation. It is also one of the many terms that make use of innovation. In recent years, innovation gave rise to a plethora of terms like social innovation, open innovation, sustainable innovation, responsible innovation and the like. How can we make sense of this semantic extension? Why do these terms come into being? What drives people to coin new terms and what do they want to achieve? What effects do the terms have on thought, culture and scholarship? This talks offers answers to these questions through a conceptual and historical analysis of the terms that define the semantic field of innovation.


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