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January 17 to February 14, 2019: Philosophy of a Race Colloquium Series Poster


Winter Schedule

January 10          No Colloquium Talk

January 17          Eyo Michael Ewara (Pennsylvania State University)

                            Race, Exclusion, Ethics: Afro-pessimism and the Critique of Inclusivity

January 24          Meena Krishnamurthy (University of Michigan)

                            Overcoming White Blindness

January 31          Agnès Berthelot-Raffard (Université du Québec à Montréal)

                           The epistemic responsibility of liberal feminist philosophers: A matter of racial justice?

February 7          Axelle Karera (Wesleyan University)

                            Necropower and the Politics of Black Fugitive Life

February 14        Dale Matthew (York University)

                            Racial Integration and the Problem of Value

February 21        No Talk (Reading Week)

February 28        Alison Peterman (University of Rochester)

March 7              Omar Bachour (Queen's)

March 14            Karolina Hübner (University of Toronto)

March 21            Jamie Shaw (Ryerson)

March 28            José Medina (Northwestern University, Sutherland Lecture)

April 4                 Lev Marder (Queen's)


Fall Schedule

September 20   Rachael Wiseman (University of Liverpool, Graham Kennedy Memorial Lecture)

The Golden Age of Female Philosophy?  Anscombe, Foot, Midgley and Murdoch

September 27   Eva Meijer (University of Amsterdam)

The role of language in interspecies politics

October 4       Henry Laycock (Queen’s)

Being without Borders

October 11     Chris Lebron (Johns Hopkins University, Brockington Lecture jointly sponsored by Political Studies and The Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity CSDD)

                      Race, Injustice, and the Burden of Hope

October 18     Janice Porteous (Vancouver Island University)

                       Hard-Boiled Sentimentality and the Making of Grim Reality in Alistair MacLeod's "In the Fall"

October 25     No Talk (Fall Break)

November 1   Lorne MacLaughlin (Queen’s)

In Defence of Empiricism

November 8      Robert Card (SUNY-Oswego)

Justification of Conscientious Objections in Medicine

November 15    Jeff Moriarty (Bentley University) 

On the Origin, Content, and Relevance of the Market Failures Approach

November 22    Clayton Chin (University of Melbourne)

Multicultural Nationalism: Unity, Diversity and Belonging

November 29    Tom Parr (Essex)

The Rat Race, Overemployment, and Work Hours